All Natural Soaps with Sea Salt

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 Natural Sea Salt Soap Bars are great for all kinds of skin conditions.   You'll feel like your bathing in the sea except for that sticky feeling you get from the ocean salt water. 

Salt water is good for your skin.  Did you know that Sea Salt is a natural detoxifer? 

Lather and wash your body leaving the Natural Sea Salt Soap on for one minute while you massage your skin.  The Sea Salt will absorb the toxins from your skin as you  wash, this will help detoxify your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells as you rinse off.  Natural minerals from the sea remain in sea salt, many of these minerals also provide nutrients and benefit to the skin.


Additional benefits of Sea Salt include:

  •  Increased Circulation
  •  Antiseptic Effects, soft skin without a greasy feel
  •  Reduction in fluid retention



Natural Sea Salt Soap Bars
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